Clément Aupiais

UEFA Hospitality

About it

The UEFA contacted Sportlabs to create a portal for the Euro 2016 hospitality, a program that sells high class seats for every match. These seats come with high-valued services like five-star restoration etc. This was the first project that I handled as the only designer, which means I was on my own for most of the decisions.

The Process

I based my design on a UX sketch provided by my lead designer, then I had to create all the modules and declinations for the website. The website was responsive and needed to feel luxurious due to the high price of the seats. The core of the offer was a Platinum package and a Gold package with different pricing. My skills in HTML and CSS helped me to handle discussions with the development team and understand their constraints. I handled the communication (including a few calls) with the UEFA and all the companies that were involved in this project.

After the project

The design was really well-received by the UEFA and they asked us to use our design for the Champion's League and the Europa league, which I also handled.


Check the Champions League hospitality portal